Fact: The serverless ecosystem is growing fast.

2nd Fact: I started Shipped Newsletter.

If you look at the evolution of server computing, you’ll notice that we’ve been moving constantly from one technology to another:

From physical machines → VMs → containers → serverless !

What’s next ? Probably more standardization in the serverless ecosystem, multicloud serverless, more event-driven computing or distributed serverless systems .. The number of possibilities is huge, once the serverless becomes more mainstream, things will be clearer !

But one thing is sure: Serverless is changing how our development and production systems are built and run.

With developers making abstraction of the infrastructure using serverless frameworks, one may say that Ops will die with more serverless adoption and DevOps will have the same destiny !

But no, I don’t think so ! I think that Ops/DevOps never die but constantly evolve and change.

You may find, some blog posts sharing the same opinion and others having a slightly different point of view but in general, these opinionated blog posts share the same vision: Serverless will not kill DevOps.

There a several definitions of DevOps and this is due to the fact that DevOps is mainly a philosophy, a school of thoughts and a new mindset but also because “DevOps technologies” are constantly changing and evolving.

We were talking about DevOps before Cloud and after Cloud, before containers and after containers, before microservices and after microservices ..

This reminds me of the debate of “technological determinism vs cultural materialism”. Because we are talking about culture (DevOps) and infrastructure/technology (Serverless) and if one is “stronger” than the other and will survive or disappear.

I’ve always thought that both philosophies are right and that they both, like yin and yang, drive us to change alternately as individuals or organizations !

Cultural Materialism seeks to explain cultural organization, ideology and symbolism within a materialistic (Infrastructure/structure/superstructure) framework. Cultural Materialists believe society develops on a trial and error basis. If something is not beneficial to a society’s ability to produce and/or reproduce, or causes production and/or reproduction to exceed acceptable limits, it will disappear from society altogether. Therefore, law, government, religion, family values, etc. must be beneficial to society or they will cease to exist within society. (source)

Technological determinism is a reductionist theory that aims to provide a causative link between technology and a society’s nature. It tries to explain as to whom or what could have a controlling power in human affairs. The theory questions the degree to which human thought or action is influenced by technological factors. (source)

I gave more explanations on Reddit

Do you think that there is a possibility that organizations would adopt historically, Serverless Computing before DevOps ? No, because without having a DevOps mindset, we will not thing about faster deployment, shorter TTM .. etc

Do you think that DevOps as a culture, will be mainstream if the problems of the previous technologies didn’t exist ? No, because DevOps is also about Cloud adoption, automation and choosing the right tools ..

The “Serverless” trend followed the “DevOps” trend, even if the term/concept existed since 2004

This is how things work IMHO:

Culturegives birth to Technology gives birth toCulture

source: pixbay.com

Without going deeper into definitions and and anthropology, Serverless as a production tool, will not kill DevOps but will reinvent it. DevOps will be moving to the next step and reflect its principles on technology (Serverless in this case).

One thing is sure: Now, Serverless is changing how our development and production systems are built and run. This why I started Shipped !

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